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Symmons now offers low-cost solutions for housing authorities and private affordable housing developers.

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The Only Shower Valve That Lowers Your Total Cost of Ownership

Anywhere quality and dependability is required, the Temptrol shower valve is the valve of choice to stand up to constant use, delivering a safe and comfortable shower each and every time. Once you install a Temptrol valve, you never have to take it out of the wall again.

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Up to 3x Faster to Install

See how the Rapid Install Bracket can save you time.

1) Factory-Installed

Order the Rapid Install Bracket factory-installed for maximum time savings.

2) Heat-Resistant

Rapid Install Bracket is made of heat-resistant nylon and will withstand heat when applied to the valve.

3) Quick to Install

Just attach the straps to the Rapid Install Bracket, and your installation is complete.

4) Adjustable

The Rapid Install Bracket has about 1″ of play and can be adjusted when the installation is finished with tilework.

5) Sets Rough-in Depth

Rapid Install Bracket eliminates the need to measure the rough-in depth, reducing your installation time.

6) Sturdy Installation

The Rapid Install Bracket creates a stable installation, particularly when using non-rigid supply lines, allowing you to go back and service the valve without fear of damaging the lines. The Bracket is durable enough to withstand 150 pounds of torque.

Start Working Right Away

Factory-installed Temptrol valve connections are now available, reducing installation time onsite.

Factory-Installed Aerators!

Unlike other manufacturers, all of Symmons water-efficient faucets come with our low-flow aerators factory-installed. Just one more way to lower costs during the development process.


Cost-Effective Solutions for Kitchen and Bath

Durability is built into every Symmons product, keeping ownership costs low.

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Symmons Provides Mix of Custom and Standard Product

Holistic design maintains distinct yet cohesive look for several buildings.


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Helping you to stay focused on improving your residents' experience.


Symmons Temptrol® Valve

The highest quality shower valve in the industry, now faster and easier to install


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