Wall of Recognition

Take a moment to thank a colleague and recognize their efforts over the last few months.


I would like to thank Lisa Scolaro for amazing customer service skills and for always going above and beyond to help our customers. I’ve reference an email submitted from one of our customers below: "I just wanted to take the time to send you a quick email about the amazing customer service that I received on a phone call with your agent, Lisa, this morning. I placed an order with one of your agents back on 2/11/21. I had not yet received the order, so I called to check on the status. We had difficulty identifying the order from the information that was given to me on 2/11/21, but Lisa had the determination to not only find the order, but track it down and figure out what went wrong. She not only located the order and discovered that it had been sent back to Symmons due to an incorrect address, but she also corrected all the information and placed another order immediately so that it would arrive at my office this week. I just wanted someone to know that she is incredibly skilled at her job and deserves some recognition. I sincerely appreciate her help!"

Napoleon Barros

Customer Service

I want to thank Bora / Rebecca for their willingness and positivity when helping us out with some issues of late. They are able to get what we need and are patient when explaining how to best do it. We can’t do our jobs without you and appreciate you going above and beyond to help us. Thanks guys!

Chad Novinger


I just wanted to thank Mike T. for all of his work to make sure the customer experience is great with Symmons. Although he is “behind the scenes” he is so helpful when it comes to providing information quickly, accurately and is always willing to help out in a situation where Symmons could make a big impact with a customer. Just last week he packed out 50+ orders quickly to get a packing error resolved to fulfill the customers’ expectations. For all the times Mike has come through for us, he never has once complained or even asked for more time to get it done. Mike is setting a great example by leading a team that is focused on fulfilling customers’ needs, that ideally in turn, will result in more business for Symmons. Thanks Mike for always going above and beyond.

Kristen Gould


I wanted to send out a special thank you to the Rodney and ops team for rushing out some sensor faucet samples. Paul Burghardt was meeting first thing with the Home Depot Pro salesperson on Monday 2/1, for a customer meeting later that day. Paul had asked that we overnight for Saturday delivery and the team was able to get it done. We’ll keep you informed but the potential with both this HD Pro salesperson and the USTA customer in NYC is great. We appreciate the extra effort.

Sean Roberts


I want to publicly thank Mike Brown. Mike has been instrumental in helping me to get Marriott all the answers they need relative to their sustainability initiative. I literally could not provide the service to the Marriott account that they require without Mike’s support. He has accepted every one of my requests with grace and has gotten everything that I needed back to me quickly and on time. Mike thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your effort and support on this initiative. I don’t know how to thank you enough. Maybe dinner in Braintree to celebrate once everything is complete!!!

Kristofer Janecki


I would like to extend a “BIG THANK YOU” to Lisa Scolaro for her quick responses and dedication to Symmons. She always goes above and beyond with responses and always with a smile! If she does not have an answer, she will advise you that she is working on it and will follow thru with promptness!

Dale Emerson

Business Development

I’d like to give a shout out to Janie Harari for her constant hard work and dedication to the Design Studio team. She has been my go-to person for quite some time now with any Design Studio issues/engineering-related questions that may come up. She gets back to me almost immediately and if she needs more time to look into things she’ll keep me updated as to where she is with the issue. She’s always a Skype call or message away and I appreciate that more than she knows. Keep killin’ it, Janie!

Melissa Pye

Design Studio

I want to thank Frank for all the support he’s provided me over the past 5 plus years. Coming from outside the industry Frank is a wealth of knowledge that I continue to pull from weekly. He’s helped build the multifamily business to what it is today; more so than what he gets credit for. Aside from his impacts on the business, I really want to thank Frank for being a consistent voice of reason. If I ever need feedback or help seeing a situation from another’s perspective, I call Frank. Most people will tell you what you want to hear. Frank has a knack for telling you what you need to hear. Thanks for always ‘shooting me straight’ and listening. You’ve helped me develop professionally and become a good friend. Thank you.

Brian Monahan


I’d like to take a moment to recognize Tance Butler for jumping in on more than a few occasions out on the floor and handling IT issues that have popped up. His willingness to lend a hand has helped resolve issues quickly. Thanks, Tance!

Matt Nourse


Lisa Cote-McKain's high spirit and work ethic is contagious and creates a willingness to go out of your way to be a better person. Her tireless hours of dedication to expand Symmons across Canada does not go unnoticed. We Thank You for "all" your efforts and value your support. Keep up the great work Lisa. It's a pleasure working with you.

Curtis Camrud

Ram Mechanical Marketing

Marc, Ops, Huge Thank you to all for the hard work you do every day. Special thanks for the help I got on getting PO S5004226 out the door and possible error caught before it was even processed. Thank You!

Greg Narducci

Account Service Rep

When it comes to putting the customer first no one accepts that responsibility more than Eric Griswold. We had the unfortunate issue where we had a new plumber not up to speed with a Symmons TMV. This lack of experience was causing major issues between sales, the wholesaler, and the plumber. Eric spent close to two hours with the plumber on the phone while the plumber was on-site at a Senior living facility in Connecticut. Eric carefully walked him through the inspection and re-configuring process. The best part is he did it FROM HIS BOAT, ON HIS DAY OFF!!!! Two hours! That is the type of commitment that deserves much recognition! Thanks, E

Trent Bartlett


Shout out to Keisha for doing a great job putting the Wall of Recognition together.

Over the past 3 1/2 years, Marc has always had a customer-first attitude! Marc has helped me and the entire New England sales team. He is a great colleague and an asset to the customer service team. He deserves recognition and for that, I say thank you Marc Senatus!

Joe Fiorini


I wanted to shout out the maintenance team for their professionalism and hard work. Charlie, Eugenio, Kevin and Ron are like the superheroes of Symmons. They are mild-mannered but when trouble calls, they are there to answer.

A giant thanks to Jose Santos, John McKinnon, Josh Ledet, Jim Boyd, Peter Shosho, Rodney Baganha, Mike Brown Sr., Tracy Wilson, Jake Matulewicz, Kelly Freeman, Tom Hubbard, Frank Foster, and John Graves for going above and beyond to meet our commitment to our largest customer, Ferguson Enterprises, of promising to ship their close to $700K in stock orders of new sensor products and metering faucets for their commercial faucet and flush valve program by Sept. 25th. Great job, thank you all very much!!!

Sean Roberts


Eric Griswold may have one of the hardest and most important jobs at Symmons. He and his team have handled the past 6 months with incredible professionalism, helping to calm angry customers and help ensure their goals are met. On top of that he has spent countless days working in the factory himself, trying to have as much direct impact on our customers as possible.

Matt Callanan rolls with the punches with the best of them. Over the past 6 months he has been running our eCommerce business without a direct supporting team, and has still been able to drive growth. He also put in countless hours making SAFEkey work and never, ever complains that he has too much on his plate.

I would like to send a huge thank you to Nick Hieshetter for taking on the task of running our 3D printers to support the Design Studio and Engineering teams! I gave Nick a crash course in running our 3D printers when we began printing the face mask ear savers in April, and he has done a fantastic job at running them since then. He most recently helped us to complete a 3D printed towel bar model that is crucial to the Design Studio team’s work on the Bellagio Hotel and Resort. We really appreciate all of your help!

Paul Zimmermann

Design Team

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate the customer service team. Times are tough right now and everyone is on edge. However, your team is always very pleasant and helpful. I have dealt with a lot of manufactures over the years and I have to say that Symmons is one of the best. You make representing you a pleasure. I have not run into one person who has been difficult to deal with. So thank you for making it such a pleasure to interact with you all of you.

Dawn Kegley

Operations Manager at Elmco Stewart Las Vegas

Congrats to the Opps Team!!!! Thanks for a fantastic shipping month in August and Always !!!!!

Kevin Moran

Sales Team

I would like to say “Thank you” to Mike Trottier & Napoleon Barros for going above and beyond in a situation for The Granite Group on a TMV 7-700 that was ordered @ 11:00 and ended with the contractor picking up the unit @ Symmons by 2:30. The contractor had a senior apartment building with no hot water and lots of complaints and Mike & Napoleon were very responsive and willing to go above and beyond to satisfy everyone involved. The contractor made a comment to The Granite Group salesman that he will be using Symmons on all projects moving forward. That is a great example of “teamwork”

Dale Emerson

Sales Team

I would like to give a shout out to these (3) team players for really stepping up and making it happen, I have never been put in so much stress by a customers request for shipping material to a hospital for NEXT DAY SERVICE. Mike Trotter, Rodney Baganha & Napoleon Barros, I can’t thank you enough for all your dedication and effort to getting this done. By doing this, it has since given us (Symmons) recognition as a company that is willing to go that extra mile for the customer, and for that, I’m deeply grateful to work for Symmons and team players like you. Thank YOU, Thank YOU!!

Joe Perez

Sales Team

Big Props To CSI!!!! Thanks for helping us all get through this challenge!!! Job well done!! You guys are Da Bomb!!!

Kevin Moran

Sales Team

Shout out to Mark and Napoleon for helping me in shipping for the past could of days. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Thank you Matt & Patrick for helping me with the Wall of Recognition!

Keisha O’Marde

Human Resources Team

Thank you to Wilfredo, Carla, Vicki & Kenny for making my time in Scot Faucets so cool! Great team!

Beth Mercurio

Shout out to Michelle who always goes the extra mile!!

Keisha O’Marde

Human Resources Team

No matter how complicated, difficult or otherwise impossible it might be – Kim just gets it done. She constantly has many people begging for help and she finds the way to help everyone. She brings great perspective on many problems to help us find the best resolution.

Tracy is a one-woman band that always has 50 balls in the air but none ever hit the ground. She has to jump from strategic to tactical topics throughout the day and always seems to have several urgent requests coming at her. The is a tireless worker, a great teammate and always has time for a smile even when things get crazy.

I would like to thank Brian, Frank, Eric and Sean for all of your patience with me over the past months and always taking the time to help with any issues. Even if it is at 9:30 PM at night you guys always come through! The answer may be a text that comes back including a meme, but it still gets the job done! I really appreciate you guys!

Chad Novinger

Sales Team

I would like to send a “thank you’ out to the customer service and operations teams as they always have a positive attitude and I have received many compliments from our customer base about how efficient and detailed they are. The sales team is the face of Symmons to our customers, but Eric and his team have been put under a lot pressure in the past few months about deliveries and availabilities and have executed far beyond our competition. Also, to Trent Bartlett for his willingness to make the “customer first” a priority by making “things happen” and the constant duties to make our customers satisfied.

Dale Emerson

Sales Team

I want to say thank you to everyone in the factory and also everyone that is working remote and coming in to help keep products coming in and going out of the factory. Without you all we would not continue to grow. Thanks Everyone

Eddie Ellard

Sales Team

I want to give a BIG shout out to Roman Benjamin and Mike Trottier! The two of them should be named the “Dream Team” I personally send them each several high demand request day in and day out and they ALWAYS make sure to get it done and get it done with a great attitude ! They are my go to guys and can’t thank them enough for all they do for all of us in Customer Service and Inside Sales!

Lisa Scolaro

Customer Service Team

I would like to recognize Roman Benjamin for the wall. We in inside sales and customer service have had to rely on sending out funnels to ask questions and make changes to orders as they come in from our customers and reps. I know that for myself, I deal with a wide range of requests every day. Roman does a great job of helping me provide a wide range of solutions for our customers.

Marc Senatus

Inside Sales Team

I just wanted to personally send out a big appreciated Thank You to Mr. Jonathan Rodriques from customer service. And nothing negative to all who came and helped out in the final valve department. But Jonathan came over every day and really helped us out the most. He learned various jobs in the department. And helped out on any Job that was needed. And has a good positive attitude. Worked well with everyone. So his efforts were truly appreciated. Thank you my “new” friend.

Barry Gamble

Operations Team

Thank you to the customer service team, especially Eric and Lisa for helping to get urgent orders to ship when needed and the entire operations team for fulfilling those orders. We have all been tasked with more responsibilities over these last 4 months but our customers’ expectations are the same and these efforts have helped us meet those expectations.

Paul O’Keefe

Sales Team

I want to thank Mike Brown for his consistent leadership through the pandemic. His message has continued to be we will get the job done but the safety of our work force is the top priority.

Barry Fiscus

Quality Team

I’d like to give a high five to Omar Strand! Last week while I was working in the factory, I really felt Omar went above and beyond to make sure I was as comfortable as possible and had all the materials needed to get the product in the boxes quickly. He made sure to keep checking on me, shared jokes and even got the fan at just the right angle to make sure his team mate was “cool” 😊 Thank you Omar Strand and Rosa Vasquez for being such supportive team mates.

Keisha O’Marde

Human Resources Team

Over the past couple of months, there’s so much our shipping team has had to juggle just to get orders out the door. Despite all of those challenges, I want to give a special shout out to Gary Heikkila who not only managed his day to day with a cool smile but was also super willing to help out the HR team on special projects. Gary has an incredible “can do attitude” and his positive energy is so refreshing every time he sent an email to confirm why there may have been delays. His energy rocks!!! So grateful to all our teammates EVERY DAY in making the magic happen!

Keisha O’Marde

Human Resources Team

I want to give a big shout out and thanks to Eric Griswold and the entire Customer Service team for their support during these crazy times. Not only on the front end, handling endless customer phone calls but for their willingness to jump in and work in the factory whenever needed. A special high five goes out to Marc Senatus, Mike Schepici, Napoleon Barros and Jose Escalera for their eagerness to help out in the factory for an extended period of time, while using their broad manufacturing/product knowledge to help Symmons reduce the current overdue backlog. Great Job!!!

Mike Brown and The Entire Operations team

I want to give a huge shout-out to both the IT and the Finance teams. I know you have all been working super hard, and pulling double-duty in many instances, so I just want to say THANK YOU!! This has not been easy for anyone and you have all been so incredibly helpful and upbeat. With all of your effort, we have not skipped a beat - I truly appreciate it!!

Karen Foley

Chief Financial Officer

I want to just put out a shout out to the engineering team. Essentially since the virus it’s been Fernando, Janie and Rob. They have done all they can to keep things together, they are uber professional and really smart people. I’m excited that we are going to add a new engineer and I’m certain he will only make us better. But for now, I want to just recognize the hard work of the team that has carried us for the last few months. You guys/gals Rock! Thank you for what you do!

Frank Foster

Engineering Team

Sean, Brian, Chad, Tom and Frank, Congratulations to each of you for closing the Ferguson Commercial Counter Program! Last weeks confirmation that they will commit to 3 faucets across a 517 store footprint is a game changer on many levels. Each of you stepped up for this opportunity and rapidly created a plan to exceed the requirements and close the deal, setting a new standard for execution at Symmons. I want to thank each of you for your commitment and all the work it took closing this opportunity for Symmons. Let's keep the momentum going!

Tim O'Keeffe

Chief Executive Officer

I wanted to thank Anthony Cipolla and Jeremy Garcia for their positivity and motivation.  They continue to support our Evolution customers daily while also using this time to reset and determine the best ways to move the business forward during these challenging times.  Their energy around how to make this challenging time an opportunity is contagious.  Thanks for making our zoom calls so productive and fun – and here’s to the chocolate bar and the Golden Ticket!

– Beth Mercurio

I’d like to send out a special thanks to the operations team for their positive attitude, and their patience in teaching me new things in the factory. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Edith, Barry, Sid and others. Each of my last four times in the factory, I got an opportunity to do something that I hadn’t done before. I’ve learned a lot, and enjoyed my time with each of them. Keep up the good work.

Sean Roberts

Sales Team

I don’t know how to say how thankful I am for my team. I have two great teams but this thanks is specific. Have you ever went through your inbox and think… Someone is asking this like I should know about it… Where do you turn? I turn to my DS account managers and my DS industrial design team 2 + 1.5 (thanks Anthony). They are awesome, they don’t always give you or me the news we were hoping to hear but they are always, timely, accurate, professional and always above and beyond! I’m proud to say they work with me. And “with” is not a typo, with me and you! Thank you Rebecca, Melissa and Paul (oh and recently Anthony)!

Frank Foster

Engineering Team

Big shout out to the factory operations team!

– Lisa Coté-McKain

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A huge thank you to Paul Zimmerman for creating Design Studio’s A&Ds as a one man band! I’ve had a number of very large A&Ds requests in the last month. Paul has taken on all of them, and diligently delivered everything I’ve needed… on top of all the other requests he is working on. Thank you, Paul!!

Jillian Sampson Decker

Sales Team

I’d like to recognize both Trent Bartlett and Chad Novinger, two sales managers hired for different roles within the sales team, yet immediately offered to help out in any way that they could. Both now, not only have the responsibilities that they were hired for but also regional sales responsibilities in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic territories. Thank you both for all your hard work and great attitude as we work through this difficult time.

Sean Roberts

Sales Team

When I think of someone who lives the Customer First approach, its Ben. When I think of someone who thinks “outside the box” and how to resolve a problem with a fast and effective solution, its Ben. He’s is always willing to jump into anything that Tech Support should drive and handles it professionally even if it’s a difficult situation or customer.

Just this week we had been working on a defective of an obsolete product. He came up with a solution and addressed it directly with the customer fast and effectively, resulting in a homeowner committed to returning to Symmons product with the opportunity arises.

Thank you for all that you do!

– Kristen Gould, Sales Team

Huge shout out and thank you to Rodney Baganha for his continued support and professionalism during these trying times.  With the IT team having to work from home we have not been able to provide the hand-on support that the operations team has come to expect.  Rodney has stepped up and has been our champion and  liaison with the operations team.  He’s assisted with everything from end user password or sign in problems,  printer issues and even troubleshooting hardware problems.  I make sure to thank him every time he helps me but wanted to use this medium to express my thanks and acknowledge his efforts!  He’s been vital in keeping the Ops team online.

Mario Melendez

IT Department

Words can not express how fantastic our customer service team is. Every single one of them has been supportive, patient, and even encouraging through very trying times. I would be lost without Marc and Napoleon! Those two have the most positive attitudes I have every come across. There are too many examples to give on what these two have accomplished over the last couple of months to help our customers and us. Us BDM’s may be the face of Symmons, but those two are not just customer service, they are the positive voice of Symmons. Thank you for all you do! 😊

Thanks to Eric Griswold for climbing back up and handling everything that is CSI and more…

– Kevin Moran, Sales Team

Lisa Coté-McKain, thanks for all your help and support over the last few months……and believing in me 😊!!! The few large Specifications that have come in this week are awesome, especially the UoVO, which you have been working on sine 2017 😊😊😊

Denise Azzopardi

Sales Team

I want to recognize Kris Janecki. Over the last couple weeks, I have needed support getting feedback from some of the larger hotel brands, and Kris was able to reach out to some of his close contacts and get me exactly what I needed. It would be a lot harder to move projects forward without help from Kris.

Jake Matulewicz

Marketing Team

For the Symmons Wall of Recognition, I would like to thank Jeremy Garcia…

– Anthony Cipolla

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I want to thank Ed Palsic for being my eyes and ears while I am currently working remotely. With all the daily tasks he has to accomplish, he takes the time to let me know when he pulls the last quantity of material for an operator; or, advises me when he has too much of a particular material in his area so I don’t continue to have more delivered even though I may be receiving a planning signal to do so. As minor as this sounds this has helped us lower raw material inventory by almost $200K without stocking out. Also, he came up to speed quickly on handling QC samples and machine parts that arrive in Braintree. This was not a task he typically handled in the past, but with the recent reduction in force he rose to the occasion and efficiently moved these items to the proper location and person. Cheers Ed!!

Cindy Melei

Purchasing Team

Bob Chlipala has been so supportive of how the state of the world right now has affected both our work and our families. He leads by example for how to navigate through changes with resilience and grace!

– Jillian Sampson Decker, Sales Team

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