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Manage your water to reduce the risk of water injury or illness to your residents – as well as costly litigation that could result if residents were to experience injury or illness.

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The Evolution System

Get to Know The Evolution Hardware

  • Evolution Sensor Module

    The Evolution Sensor Module is an industrial-grade, intelligent embedded device that collects sensor data and securely transmits it over an industry-leading LoRaWAN® wireless building network. Custom developed by Symmons Industries to operate safely in your building, the Sensor Module is UL Safety Listed, UL Plenum Test compliant and boasts a 10-year battery-life. Sampling as frequently as every 5-seconds for pipe water temperature and leak sensing, this device also measures and reports real-time ambient temperature and relative humidity.

  • Temperature Sensor

    The Evolution Temperature Sensor is an industrial-grade wireless, non-invasive probe that accurately reports water temperature inside of the pipe. This sensor can be installed on any size or material pipe in your building in less than 5 minutes with our mobile app, without shutting any water down in the process.

  • Leak Detector

    The Evolution Leak Detector is an industrial-grade wireless, moisture sensing 10-ft rope that will deliver an SMS, Email or automated phone call within seconds of sensing water presence. Popular placements for this sensor are around water storage tanks, recirculation pumps, laundry areas, mixing valves, and other high flood risk areas and equipment.

“The fact that I don’t have to worry about hot water going to the guest rooms is a comfort. The satisfaction and peace-of-mind the Symmons system gives us as managers is incredible.”

Bob Sighinolfi

General Manager, Hampton Inn & Suites

Peace-of-Mind, 24/7

Monitor your property’s water systems, and give your staff instant alerts when water issues occur. Your team will find water issues faster and more cost-effectively.

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Resources Picked Just For You

Symmons Essential Package Data Sheet

Learn all about the innovative Symmons water management platform.

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Water Temperature Safety Guide

See the effects water temperature has on bacteria growth and scalding potential.

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Reoccurring Water System Issues

The Evolution platform helps identify a variety of water system related issues. This graph shows some of the more common issues Evolution detects.

Take control of your water systems with Symmons Evolution!

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